COVID-19 Guidance

Coaches, players and spectators should follow all government and FA football specific guidance at all times.

In addition we would like to emphasise the following points

  • All coaches, players and spectators should self-assess for COVID-19 symptoms before every match. If anyone is symptomatic or living in a household with possible or actual COVID-19 infection they must not participate or attend.

  • All attendees should adhere to the latest government guidelines re social distancing at all times. This applies to coaches and players on the sidelines as well as spectators.

  •  At least one member of each household must complete the track & trace information prior to the beginning of a match. This can be done online via the following location-specific links

Poplar Road:
Hillcross School:

Note: In the case of any technical issues all attendee details for each team should be collated by respective managers and passed on to a representative of the home team.

  • Separate areas for home and away spectators to stand will be clearly marked and should be adhered to.

  • Attendees should follow all site-specific directions when arriving/leaving the site or using the facilities.  Upon completion of the match the site should be exited as soon as possible to maintain separation from those taking part in later matches.

  • Proper hygiene precautions should be taken at all time. This includes, but is not limited to, hand sanitising before, during and after games  and disinfection of the match ball at appropriate breaks in play.

The Old Rutlishians’ Association has carried out a General Risk Assessment with respect to its locations. Further details can be provided upon request.

Useful References: