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Fixtures 20 October

U8’s – Away vs Lyne – Kick off: 09:30am

U9’s  – Away vs Hampton & Richmond – Kick off: TBC

U10’s Blue – Home vs Whyteleafe FC – Kick off: 10:00am

U10’s Yellow – Away vs Moormead Vipers – Kick off: TBC

U11’s – Away vs Old Isleworthians – Kick off: TBC

U13’s Blue – Home vs Hampton & Richmond – Kick off: 11:15am

U13’s Yellow – TBC

Fixtures 13 October

U8’s – Home vs Barnes Eagles – Kick off: 09:30am

U9’s  – Home vs Woking Cougars – Kick off: 10:30am

U10’s Blue – Home vs CB Hounslow – Kick off: 10:00am

U10’s Yellow – Away vs Corinthian Casuals – Kick off: 09:30am

U11’s – Home vs Cobham Boys – Hillcross School – Kick off: 10:00am

U13’s Blue – Away vs Croydon – Mayfield Road CR7 6DN – Kick off: 10:00am

U13’s Yellow – Home vs Walton Casuals – Kick off: 11:15am

Fixtures 22 September

U8’s – Away vs Kew Association Tigers – Ham Sports Field, Riverside Drive – Kick off: 10;00am

U9’s  – Away vs Claygate Royals Swans – Esher College – Kick off: 11:15am

U10’s Blue – Away vs Manorcroft United Spitfires – Kick off: 10:00am

U10’s Yellow – Away vs Kew Association Lions – Ham Sports Field, Riverside Drive – Kick off: 11:15am

U11’s – Away vs Meadow Sports FC – Loop Road, Woking, GU22 9BQ – Kick off: 10:00am

U13’s Blue – Home vs Doverhouse Lions FC – Old Ruts, Poplar Road, SW19 3JS – Kick off: 10:00am

U13’s Yellow – Away vs Kew Park Rangers Royals – Kick off: 11:30am

Fixtures 15 September

U8’s – Away vs Ashford Town – Kick off: 11:00am

U9’s  – Home vs Corinthian Casuals Whites – Kick off: 10:00am

U10’s Blue – Home vs NPL Atoms – Kick off: 11:15am

U10’s Yellow – Home vs Manorcroft Hurricanes – Kick off: 12:30pm

U11’s – Home vs Motspur Park – Kick off: 10:00am

U13’s Blue – Away vs Lyne FC – Kick off: 11:30pm

U13’s Yellow – Home vs Sandgate Youth Colts – Kick off: 12:30pm

Fixtures 8 September

U8’s – No fixture

U9’s  – Away vs CB Hounslow – Kick off: 10:00am

U10’s Blue – Away vs Dorking Wanderers – Kick off: 10:45am

U10’s Yellow – Away vs Doverhouse Lions – Kick off: 10:30am

U11’s – Away vs Croygas Falcons – Kick off: 11:10am

U13’s Blue – Home vs Sandgate – Kick off: 12:30pm

U13’s Yellow – Home vs Chessington Youth – Kick off: 12:30pm

U12’s gain promotion

Congratulations on the achievement of both our U12 teams in gaining promotion this season.

The boys have been a credit to the club. Sam El-Jouzi (Yellow’s manager) and Robbie Baird (Blue’s manager) have done a fantastic job.

Well done everyone!

Fixtures Sunday 28 April 2019

U8’s – Home vs Ashford Colts – Kick off: 10:00am

U9’s Blue – Home vs Claygate Royals Griffins – Kick off: 10:00am

U12’s Yellow – Home vs AC Fulham Blues – Kick off: 10:00am

U16’s – Home vs Fleet Town – Kick off: 10:00am

Fixtures 24 March

U7’s – Home vs Kew Association Tigers- Kick off: 10:00am

U8’s – Home vs Sheen Lions Hoops – Kick off: 11:00am

U9’s Yellow – Away vs Manorcroft United – Kick off: 1:00pm

U9’s Blue – Home vs Sheen Lions Pride – Kick off: 10:00am

U10’s – Home vs Ashtead Colts – Kick off: 11:30am

U12’s Yellow – No fixture

U12’s Blue – Away vs Mitcham Park – Kick off: 10:00am

U16’s – Away vs Claygate Royals – Kick off: 10:00am

Fixtures 17 March

U7’s – Away vs Knaphill – Kick off: TBC

U8’s – TBC

U9’s Yellow – Home vs Sheen Lions – Kick off: 11:15am

U9’s Blue – Home vs Esher Whites – Kick off: 10:00am

U10’s – Away vs Rocks Lane – Kick off: 09:00am

U12’s Yellow – Home vs Hampton – Hillcross – Kick off: 10:00am

U12’s Blue – Home vs Esher – Hillcross – Kick off: 11:30am

U16’s – Away vs Richmond Park – Kick off: TBC